Cudbert provides data driven services to companies in the eGaming, Forex, Binary Options and Computer games industries.

Customer acquisition

Looking to acquire new customers in an efficient and effective way, across channels and at scale?
Cudbert is an eGaming trading desk powered by Varick Media Management that acquires 

customers efficiently and effectively, using programmatic media buy – the use of technology to automate the advertising process.

Cudbert and Varick’s team of traders, analyst and industry experts uses real time technologies, data, rules, algorithms to automate the delivery of data driven, targeted and relevant ads to your local and global customers, as they interact with your brand’s many touch points and across channels.

Audience Segmentation

What do you know about the people who view your ads and visit your site?
Is your money being spent effectively, targeting your desired audience segments?

Are you missing profitable audience segments that you are currently not aware of?

Is your marketing material being used effectively and being served to the intended audience?

Basic performance measures like impressions, clicks, visits and bounce rate and conversion rate can be very misleading when looked at without audience data.
Cudbert can provide you with real time data about your audience from our Data management platform and data sourced from 3rd party providers such as excelate, empowering your marketing and business decision making and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your add spend.