We helps high risk merchants solve technical, operational and business data, marketing and payment problems

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By leveraging its vast experience and extensive contacts network cudbert is able to help high risk merchants enhance their payment services

  • Bank accounts and IBANs
  • International credit and debit card processing
  • Deposit and payout options
  • Risk, analytics, KYC
  • Crypto solutions
  • Connect to all types of APMs (Alternative Payment Methods) around the world, such as e-wallets, online and offline bank transfers, voucher solutions, prepaid services and direct debit solutions
  • acquiring banks; EMI; PSPs; Gateways; Risk services and similar payment services looking to service high risk merchants

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Marketing Technologies
and digital products

Martech experts with vast experience in addressing business problems with marketing technologies: from ad servers, RTB and affiliation through tag management, pixels, analytics, messaging and BI we have done it all… Vetted, tested and implemented 100’s of systems in competitive verticals to solve all sorts of business needs and problems

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Big data, Machine Learning,
AI and Smart UX

Cudbert invests in companies building the next generation of digital businesses and solutions built on top of big data, AI and smart UX.


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Cudbert works with SEO experts to create
comparison sites in competitive verticals



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